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Pharmacovigilance – Medical Review

GAP is a full clinical service provider that believes in the quality of services and customer’s satisfaction. GAP medical reviewer team contributes their expertise and knowledge for the clinical evaluation such as phase I to IV clinical trial, solicited and unsolicited phase IV, safety reports and database management facilities. GAP also responds to the queries in accordance with the applicable regulatory guidelines. Our clinical research team explicitly follows the scientific standard measurement for the accurate and scientific product delivery to the clients.

Experienced with global regulatory network.
In-depth knowledge of therapeutic area and clinical conduct.
Own a database for peer-review based journal.
Published books on the various aspects of pharmacovigilance.
Access to subscription based or free journal database.
Provide accurate label assessments for each adverse event.
Provide causality assessment(s) for study cases and solicited reports.
Maintain accurate safety data in the Global Safety Database.