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Accrual and Recruiting Boost

Efficient subject recruitment is one of the keys for successful trial. Our approach to subject recruitment encourages the subject’s trust and understanding by providing deliverable message via different mode. Good planning and management helps clients to process their submission. GAP has a good database to identify potential subjects per study requirement. We have a dedicated result oriented team for finance management and effective distribution of roles and responsibility for cost effective and faster initiation of the study for all phases. Resolving subjects query regarding recruitment and progress towards end of study via different approach is invincible. From past experience we can proudly announce our expertise in handling:

  • Knotty Inclusion/ exclusion criteria
  • Difficult site for recruiting either single or multiple sites
  • Narrow timelines
  • A high screen failure rate
  • To identify potential subject to meet demographic as per study
  • Retention of subject till the completion of the study