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E-Commerce Solutions

Your site is the first impression you leave with your consumers. We provide the necessary appeal to fit your consumer based organizations. We produce an image which will overcome the competition we provide the absolute nimble e- commerce solution for your business; including support, development, and strategic commercial innovation.

Online Control Panel

We can transform your current site into a productive and up to date system with minimal efforts. There are many constructive, innovative and practical features along with your online control panel. We have a proven track record to turn an existing system into a practically lucrative system.

E-Commerce Development

We transform the existing B2B, B2C or C2C views into the visions of reality. We construct the necessary functional edifies of structures to conduct the services to your clients. We transform the power of internet to work for you in trade, communication, and consumer development. We provide the online store front for the goods and services in utilizing the most capable C2C consumer oriented platforms. We will share our business intelligence to elevate your current ambitions by realizing the available potentials. In short, we will create the real face for your company into a proper functionality.

Web Portal Development

We utilize the possible needs of portals and development with the goal to develop and properly maintain your edge. We have the experience to design, develop, and maintain the multi- dimensional web portals in all aspects of business to business, business to consumer, e- commerce, and share points developments. The portal development services at GAP- IT services team contains the outsource pathway and payment gateway integration for goods and services. We can provide the full suite of on- line payment solution, transaction based portals, as well as customer tracking into its consumable systems. Your customers can elect from multiple methods to accept options, produce available suits to fit their requirements. We can provide many solutions in tracking the customers and their habitats in an instantaneous time frame.

Shopping cart & Content Management Systems

We provide shopping carts, solution based e- commerce systems, and software based development all under one roof. We will provide you the affordable enterprise platform to suit your daily needs as well as your strategic visions. We provide the web based e- commerce solutions in producing what the customers need to work with. We could provide the daily services of updating the products to the shopping carts, change/adjust the quantities, remove and adjust inventories, calculate the necessary statistics and accounting figures, integrate the necessary gateways, and produce adequate online accounting and payment services.

Expand Geographical Reach

We empower your system to go global in its true sense. We have lists of commercially focused customer based to implode into a global presence.

Expand Customer Base

We are capable to attract your customer base to the practical purchase channel. We cultivate the right consumer based platform to retain the viewers and customers at all time. We turn the new customers into repeat business, book and bill as a system of opportunity. New customers are attracted, retained and developed in a short period of time. Inventions are the mother of all opportunities.

Increase Visibility

We integrate your vision of your business to reach the right consumers and interested parties. We constantly work with our clients to provide the launch pad to their success to improve and expand on their visibilities.

Always open for business

We can provide you the 24/7 visibility and customer service. Our dedicated team can achieve what you want to succeed for you around the clock. We will never sleep to make you successful.

Cost containment: Marketing and Advertising

Internet is cost beneficial and much targeted than other forms of advertisement. We can achieve that via our skills and proven track record. Internet provides the marketing tool to reach your particular customers effectively with the absolute higher return on your investment as opposed to the traditional media services.

Customer Data intelligence gathering

We develop successful tools to automatically collect targeted data in relations to the customers and their habits. The selected valuable customer data could be built into sophisticated algorithms to provide you intelligence, production level performance and/or increase existing commerce. The gathered intelligence would leverage the current efforts to achieve the targets of success in a faster and expedited fashion.