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Drug Safety

We can get the clinical results faster with smart thinking, program design and in-line with the regulations. REMS, RISK-MAPS, Surveillance activities at the clinical and post-marketing time tables, are all to benefit the sponsors’ efforts as per the regulations. A great level of trust is given to our medical device development team as well. We provide the following:

The most powerful and knowledgeable regulatory groups in surveillance and signaling. A fantastic clinical development team of professionals, including trained team of professionals associated with individual case processing and management as well as aggregate reporting.

An awesome spontaneous case management in aggregate, surveillance, as well as signal detection. Over 14K individual cases have been managed in the past 3 years.

We optimize your trial design to contain the costs; we will ramp up the timelines and results. Monitor safety over your product’s lifecycle to give you a more precise picture of your product’s performance.