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Technology Transfer

Proven track record, ever advancing expertise and a comprehensive suite of capabilities separates us from anyone in the industry. You want to expand on your existing portfolio and pipeline,

If you need solutions to your existing pitfalls in technology and formulations,
If you need to complement you’re your company along with your vision of success,
If you need to boost and protect your company with our technology transfer tools
We will do it today and now:

GAP provides the complete platform of Immune Oncology. Antibody Drug Conjugates, vaccines, and beyond. Visit our master piece at: Immuno-Oncology
GAP harvests the cutting edge technology of “Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC)” for you. Visit our show case at: ADC GAP would provide a spectrum of advanced CMC solutions to avoid any generics pitfalls.
GAP has provided pegylations, liposomes, nano- technology in formulations, and conjugates in combination CMC realms among other IP- protected solutions. These are all intended to extend, protect, and potentially expand on your existing IP with a spectrum of clever and protected platforms.
GAP offers a spectrum of complementary solutions into a full technology and private sector transfer.

We have been an instrument of success to many of our partners in the past decade. We have enabled our partners and clients with the development of their existing technology into the outer peripheries and boundaries of their expected level of success. We have formed coalitions with companions in show casing their technology. Such partnerships have strengthened the concepts into different fields of application by joining the powers in the global fight against cancer. GAP has pioneered the neoplastic technologies and development. We have the skills, expertise, and the knowledge to work fast, smart and produce quality products and services. We have many success stories to tell you.