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Specific Conjugate Particle (SCP)™, The Bioavailability Boosting Technology

SCP- Technology is a novel modality that provides enhanced solubility of chemotherapeutic agents; in addition to the class III- IV compounds, better penetration into cancerous tissues and overcome natural physiologic barriers (e.g. Blood Brain Barrier) with additional synergistic effect on non-chemotherapeutic inhibitors for cellular pathways that keep the tumor cells resistant to conventional treatment. This technology creates an entirely new physical entities (NPEs) with the boosted solubility profiles. These NPEs are fashioned by flouting down the crystalline structures of the drug into micro- protected drug particles that are alleviated in a transporter system to preserve the drug in its actuated form for the duration of its shelf life. Advantages of SCP Bioavailability Augmentation Technology:

Can be applied to all compounds including class III- IV. No other known technology is providing this advantage. Provides an ultimate onset of action, equivalent therapy at lower doses, and/or oral dosing of poorly soluble drugs SCP- technology provides the absolute mechano-chemical and solvent-induced activation. Thus, it converts drugs to their stabilized, thermodynamically activated state. It provides flexibility and enable the technology to be applied to a range of compounds with different characteristics.

This technology is a game changer in Oncology:

There are many new chemotherapeutic agents available in the market. The number of oncology products are increasing, and cancer treatment has been an ever challenging topic. Solubility and the ability of the drug to penetrate cancer cells on its own, especially after primary treatment modalities such as surgery, radiation and even prior courses of multiple chemotherapeutic agents is a major challenge. This results in difficult disease control and shortened patients’ survival.
SCP- Technology answers it all.