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Immune-Oncology is a new progressive way of approaching development of cutting edge of therapy. Its related agents focus on the development and delivery of therapies that improve the body’s intrinsic potential for generating an effective immune response against the targeted disease, especially in Oncology. It is a succeeding field of cancer research and treatment with a remarkable renaissance phase. Increased understanding of the fundamentals of cellular and molecular tumor has identified many ways in which the immune system can be augmented to treat cancer. This includes priming/boosting of the immune system, T-cell modulation, reducing immunosuppression in the tumors microenvironment and enhancing adaptive immunity. Additionally, immune-oncology agents target the immune system and not the cancer. This treatment modality has demonstrated a profound tumor regressions including complete cure in patients with highly aggressive metastatic cancers with little to no alternate treatments. Immune- oncology has produced very few adverse effects as opposed to the traditional chemotherapy. Thus, it has rendered a more effective as well as safer remedy in the fight against cancer.

GAP has the technology and the expertise. It utilizes the technological advances in next-generation sequencing (NGS), development of devices for scanning from tissue sections and image analysis software for quantization of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs).For the first time in the industry, GAP possesses an innovative biopharmaceutical platform with the capability to propel this company in development of the immunotherapeutic cancer agents. These products target specific mutations for particular cancers. GAP has a team of experts in developing Personalized Oncology Suite (POS). These skillful professionals understand the molecular basis of the interactions between cytotoxic chemotherapeutics/targeted anti-cancer agents and the immune system.

Their expertise is not limited to the treatment of different types of solid-tumor cancers like breast and prostate cancer, colorectal, melanoma, or other malignancies of hematology, like lymphoma and leukemia. GAP‘s oncology team has an expert panel which helps the patients in planning their treatment strategy throughout their fight against cancer. In addition to other conventional treatment, our GAP medical oncologists are also active and dynamic in the clinical trials associated with various novel therapies. These therapeutic agents include state-of-the-art drugs and different immunological and new biological modifiers at the investigational level.